Why choose our school?


Brisbane Central State School is a true team, focused on collaboration in the best interest of our students with an emphasis on implementing best practice in all aspect of teaching and learning. Our parents trust our teachers and know we have their child's best interests at heart. They are confident we know the curriculum and how to deliver it. Brisbane Central State School embraces everybody, fostering mutually respectful relationships to support a deep understanding of our multicultural context. Our students celebrate and are respectful and curious of our many cultures. We are the school of choice for inner city Brisbane.

Our students are respectful, creative learners who are curious and conscious of the local and global communities of which they are the future leaders. Our students are compassionate, and acknowledge and respect everyone as individuals.

At Brisbane Central State School, our staff are passionate about imparting a love of learning as we implement a curriculum that develops 21st century lifelong learners. We have the ability to adapt and be flexible to meet the needs of our learners and school community. We are capable and confident to differentiate to meet the needs of all learners.

We have a focus on social learning and oral language, which will enable all students to develop, test, enhance and clarify their understandings in all areas of learning. The use of Age Appropriate Pedagogies allows us to apply a range and balance of teaching approaches and characteristics of quality teaching in all classrooms ensuring that all of our learners get the best possible start in life. 

We know our students and create respectful and supportive classrooms built on a model of true inclusion, adapting to meet the needs of the individual. Through cycles of feedback and a belief that we can all make a difference, we foster learning environments that provide open-ended opportunities to allow students to demonstrate the amazing things they can achieve. 

Our teachers have a thorough understanding of the depth and breadth of the Australian Curriculum. Through strong professional learning teams, we are reflective of our practice and supportive of each other in the face of change. Through the power of collective teacher efficacy, we will work collaboratively to identify what to do next to move student learning forward. With students at the core of all that we do, we are open and willing to be challenged by different perspectives in an effort to improve student-learning outcomes.

Working cohesively as a staff we build positive relationships with students, parents and our community. We have created a shared vision and communicated it with all stakeholders.

Brisbane Central State School is a vibrant place to be. Every day in every classroom, we see a passion for learning reflected in our people and spaces. Our school nurtures opportunities to build partnerships, share expertise and cultures. We have created an environment where we can engage with our community and stakeholders in a meaningful way.

Last reviewed 22 May 2020
Last updated 22 May 2020