Uniform shop



The BCSS Uniform Shop is located in A Block and operated by parent volunteers. 

Opening Hours

Tuesday 8:45am - 9:15am

Friday 8:45am - 9:15am

* may be subject to change due to volunteer availability

We encourage parents to order online and it will be available to collect from the uniform shop during the above times.


Ordering Uniforms

If you would like to order uniforms online for collection from the shop, you can order from If an item is not available in the online shop, it is out of stock. BCSS will announce when new stock arrives.

For further information about ordering online, please read the School Shop Online - Parent Guide.


Methods of Payment

The Uniform Shop and are only able to accept Credit/Debit card at this time.


Prep Uniform

If your student is starting in Prep, please refer to Prep Uniform Information before you make your appointment.


Second Hand Uniforms

The uniform shop has second-hand uniforms for sale. If you are leaving the school or have old uniforms at home, please donate them to the school office. Second hand uniforms are unable to be purchased online.


Contact Details

If you have any questions, or would like to volunteer in the Uniform Shop, please email and we will aim to get back to you within 3 school days.

Please note that this email is monitored by parent volunteers during school terms and response times may differ depending on availability. Emails sent during school holidays will be attended to on commencement of the school term.


Dress Code

Our Dress Code, ratified by the P&C in 2011, states that students should wear:

  • BCSS black polo shirts with collar – This shirt is the preferred shirt for all formal occasions and all inter-school sporting events for student identification, sun-protection and aesthetic reasons.
  • BCSS black shorts, plain black shorts or plain black tracksuit pants-All shorts need to be at least of mid-thigh length.
  • Plain Black skirts – These items need to be worn at mid-thigh length or longer.
  • Plain black leggings or tights can be worn underneath dresses or skirts. Leggings must be plain black, full length and without decoration.
  • BCSS dresses – Must be at least of mid-thigh length or longer.
  • Bike pants may be worn for modesty under dresses but should not be visible below the hemline of a dress.
  • Hat – A reversible hat is compulsory for all children while exposed to ultra-violet rays. A reversible hat is available as a uniform item.
  • When warm clothing is required, BCSS black zip-up jackets are available. Plain black long trousers or tracksuit pants and plain black warm tops or jackets may be worn. Warm clothes in colours other than plain black are not suitable.
  • Black shoes and white or black sports shoes/runners/sandshoes (plain or near-plain styles) are recommended as part of the uniform. Covered footwear is compulsory at all times for children attending the school. Sandals, thongs or high heeled shoes are not permitted to be worn. White or black ankle socks or sports socks are the uniform standard.​
Last reviewed 23 February 2023
Last updated 23 February 2023