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Pedagogical Framework


​Pedagogical Framework:
Over the past few weeks, our teachers have been working to develop a collaborative view of the drivers for our school Pedagogical Framework. We will be continuing this work for the remainder of the school year. Next term, I will be asking our students and parents for their input regarding what is important at our school, from their perspective.
Underpinning the Framework , will be the Teacher Inquiry and  Knowledge Building Cycle, drawn from the work of Dr Helen  Timperley;  and the Dimensions of Teaching and Learning, which represents a synthesis of research around improving student learning (including Elmore 2007, 2010; Hattie 2008, 2009; Marzano 2007, 2009; Timperley 2008, 2009). The dimensions are: curriculum intent, assessment; sequencing teaching and learning; making judgments; and feedback. They are student-centred and focused on the need to ensure that every day, in every classroom, every student is learning and achieving. The set of linked, mutually supportive dimensions is intended as the basis of each teacher's professional practice, helping direct teacher activity and decision-making around the following aspects of student learning:

  • What do my students already know?
  • What do they need to learn?
  • How do I teach it?
  • How will they demonstrate their learning?
  • How will I know how well my students have learned it?
  • Where to next?

Application of this framework involves teachers in an iterative process of asking questions about student needs and progress, evaluating evidence and thinking about what, when and how to teach for effective learning of all students.
Over the past 18 months , we have worked hard as a staff to develop consistency of practice in the teaching of Reading Comprehension and Explicit Vocabulary Instruction. We have also developed an Assessment Pedagogy Agreement, which expresses the importance of “front-ending” assessment, and being explicit with students about the assessment task, the criteria against which their work  will be judged,  and what it takes to “get an A”.  We have also implemented “warm ups” across the school  in numeracy and literacy, with teachers expressing  the value of these warm ups in developing automaticity and supporting the transference of knowledge across subjects and learning areas.  All this work will also be included in our Pedagogical Framework, as well as areas for professional development. We look forward to sharing the final product with you early next year. My thanks to Charmaine Xinis for her hard work in leading and developing our school Pedagogical Framework.
If you wish to know more about our professional work or the  research underpinning it, please do not hesitate to drop me a line- I would love to discuss our core business with you!!