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Parent-Teacher Interviews - Term 3

​From September 8 to 20, teachers will be offering parents the opportunity to meet with them to discuss their child’s learning over the past two terms .Within  the next week, all parents should receive a letter from their child’s teacher inviting them to attend these meetings. I strongly encourage all parents to attend an interview with their child’s teacher. These interviews provide an opportunity for teachers and parents to celebrate a child’s achievements, provide an opportunity for feedback on their progress, and to develop goals for a child’s future learning. These meetings are also a great opportunity to share any concerns you as a parent may have regarding your child’s academic or social-emotional development.  A couple of tips to make the most of your meeting with your child’s teacher:
  • The interviews are short, so please come prepared with a list of questions you want to raise .

  • Attend with a partner or friend,  particularly if you are nervous or unsure.  It is easy to miss a point and often difficult to relay information to a partner.

    Let the teacher a chance to make an assessment of your child’s progress- they have a lot of  your child’s work to show you!

  • Take notes and clarify information that you don’t understand.  “What do you mean by ‘he needs to spend time reading’….?”.  Make sure you have a good understanding of the messages your child’s teacher is giving.

  • Ask how you can help your child if there are any areas that need to be strengthened.  No doubt your child’s teacher will have some strategies for you to assist your child, so make sure you have a clear understanding before you leave.

If there are unresolved issues or you wish to discuss your child’s difficulties in greater detail, consider asking for another interview.  This is being respectful of the teacher’s time and of those parents who are to follow. If you are unable to attend an interview due to unforeseen circumstances, please let your child’s teacher know so the time can be offered to another parent.

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