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Important Information for 2014


​First day of Term 1:

Tuesday 28 January 2014

2014 Booklists:

2014  Booklists were distributed on Friday  December 1, and will need to be returned to school by Wednesday, December 11. Please email if you require a copy.

School Leaders for 2014:

Our School and House Captains will be announced at our last Assembly. Congratulations to the students who have nominated for a leadership positions . With many quality candidates in the pool, we are sure to have  great School, House and Music Captains next year!

Uniform shop:

The Uniform Shop will be open on  Friday, January 24  from 10 am to 11 am.  The Uniform Shop will then  be open every Friday 8.30 – 9.30 am. My thanks to Cecilia Huang and volunteers for keeping this essential service running at our school.

Classes for 2014:

Our class allocations will be released on Wednesday December 11, 2013.  You would be aware from the school newsletters this term, that current class teachers have been working with specialist teachers and myself to form balanced classes that best take into account the following:
  • A balance of academic abilities across the classes of the year level; 
  • A gender balance across the classes of the year level; 
  • A balance across the classes of the year level in relation to social and behavioural factors; 
  • The combinations/dynamics of the group of students.
At Brisbane Central State School, we take the formulation of classes very seriously. Our teachers work closely together to ensure that each class is balanced according to the factors described above. We ask that parents understand this, and respect the decisions made about class placements when released next week.   Should you have any questions or concerns about your child’s class placement, please see your child’s teacher in the first instance.
Please be aware that any class allocations will be temporary, as I am unable to confirm permanent staffing arrangements until Day 8 (Thursday February 6, 2014), which is Education Queensland’s census date. 
Our proposed class compositions for 2014 will be as follows:
​Class ​Teacher ​Room
Prep​ ​Darren Waugh ​D01 (Prep Block)
Prep/1​ ​Jan McKean ​D02 (Prep Block)
Year 1​ ​Wendy Fitzgerald ​A01 - Main Block
​Year 2 ​Brendan Stock ​A03 - Main Block
​Year 2 ​Rae Ross ​A05 - Main Block
​Year 3 ​Gemma Zielke ​A08 - Main Block
​Year 3/4 ​Jonathan Gagan ​TBA
​Year 4/5 ​TBA ​C01 - Demountable
​Year 5/6 ​Kylie Wall ​C02 - Demountable
​Year 6/7 ​Annette Someville ​Hall