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News roundup 9 September 2013

​Students enjoy helping plant some new flowers

Green Update

​Last Friday the members of the Garden Club helped Mr Gary (Schools’ Officer) plant some cordylines in the new garden beds behind the Prep buildings. We planted several plants, mulched and watered the beds. They look fantastic! If you happen to walk past please admire our work, and give Mr Gary (Gary Gradwell) a round of applause if you see him around the school. He does amazing work for the short amount of time he is allocated to our school each week!  The Garden Club is also calling out for donations of small plants and vegetable seedlings.

Discipline Audit- October 9, 2013

As part of an initiative to strengthen discipline in Queensland State schools, Discipline Audits will be conducted in every Queensland state school by November 2014.  Brisbane Central State School’s Discipline Audit will be conducted on Wednesday October 9. The purpose of the Discipline Audits is to provide quality feedback on how the school is ensuring a safe, supportive and disciplined learning environment and to inform school behaviour management planning processes.
During the audit, an independent, experienced school principal will visit the school to collect a range of data and information about schoolwide, programs and procedures in the area of discipline. Interviews will also be conducted with staff, students and parents to gather a range of perspectives on school strategies and practices in relation to behavior management. The school will receive the auditor’s report within 15 days and key findings will be discussed with the principal, the school’s leadership team and school staff.
The report’s Executive Summary and 5 page Profile will be made available to parents and caregivers on the school’s web site. The principal will work with the school community to include any recommendations
in the school’s forward planning around strengthening discipline. For further information about Discipline Audits, please contact the principal.

QTMB’s Staffroom for Improvement - help the staff of Brisbane Central State School build a better staffroom!!

We all understand the idea behind giving a teacher an apple. Some of us may have even wanted to do it when we were students, but we might have been too shy or even scared of being branded a ‘Teacher’s pet’.
The thing is, it’s hard to imagine just how much it means to teachers to know that people are doing something (anything) to let them know that we value what an amazing job they do every day.
Yes, there are monetary prizes available - a grand prize of a $20,000 Staffroom makeover and $1,000 each for our top five individual apple givers – but beyond that, the real benefit of the Staffroom for Improvement is how powerfully it works to bring teachers, school staff, students, parents and the broader school community together.
So while giving an apple may seem like such a little thing, believe us, it means so much to teachers.
Go on don't be shy. Yes, it’s the little things that make a big difference. So if you’ve got a spare moment each day over the next few weeks, maybe you could do that thing you always wanted to do, but were never game to: give an apple to your teacher.
How to Play Start by registering your details at Once complete, click the “verify” link in the email automatically sent to your specified email address.
Now you can give one apple valued at one vote to your teachers, just click The Big Red Button above. The second time you give an apple, it will be worth 2 votes. Your status will also upgrade. The third time you give an apple it’s worth 3 votes, and so on, right up to the Golden Apple!