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4/5 Excursion to Eureka Goldfields

​Students search for gold!

​On the 18th of November the year 4/5 class went to the Belivah Goldfields near Beenleigh. In our History lessons we have been learning about life and events that occurred on the Goldfields during the Gold Rush and the Eureka Stockade in 1854.

When we arrived at the Goldfields we were greeted by a traveller named Miss P. who told us all about travelling and the goldfields, then suddenly, out of nowhere a policeman, known as a ‘trap’ joined us. His name was Trooper Pete! He told us that a notorious bushranger named Captain Lucas was on the loose. We quickly made our way to town when we were intercepted by a bushranger at the coach station! She told us to get on the ground and put our hands up. She then asked Jaylem to empty his bags, she stole some gold out of his bag and his yummy chocolate cupcake! She shared it with Trooper Pete and her horse Misty. Poor Jaylem!

When we entered the town we had the opportunity to explore it. The first things we saw were all our names hanging up on the stores and tents. Once we finished lunch we were split into groups so we could make some tents. We had no help whatsoever, which meant we had to work really hard as part of a team. We had heaps of fun and we really worked up an appetite. We headed back to the town bakery, owned by Santiago, and started to make damper. While we were waiting for our damper to cool we got to participate in some role plays. We swindled and haggled in the General Store, owned by Kalyan, and we panned and cradled gold and arrested law breakers.

Finally it was time to taste our damper with golden syrup. It was delicious! Miss Ashcroft covered our hands and arms with the syrup. It was a fun mess. Once our tummies were full we played the Gold Rush game. We had to buy a gold licence (otherwise we couldn’t hunt for gold) for 20cents. We then had a certain amount of time to find as much gold as we could to sell. The person with the most amount of money earned at the end was the gold rush champion. Our gold rush champion was Divyang. We learnt a lot about how competitive the search for gold was and how hard it was to survive. To end our day we took part in a mapping activity to search for bushrangers. We learnt a lot about them. The day ended with certificates and prizes being handed out. We had a fantastic time at Belivah Goldfields! Wish we could go next year!

Written by: Nichole J, Brielli S, Karida W, Emily H, Jonah MT, Mathilda L, Aryan S and Saira F